Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weight Watchers Endorses High Intensity Interval Training for Weight Loss

As those who read this blog know, I am a strong advocate for Hight Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. Weight Watchers, of course, is the largest and arguably most successful weight loss plan. I am pleased to report that Weight Watchers has acknowledged the benefits of HIIT as an important part of a weight loss plan.

In its September/October 2013 issue of its Weight Watchers Magazine,  Weight Watchers discusses a plan for HIIT, referring to it as the "hottest" approach to walking.  Referring to a study published in the Journal of Physiology, it says that three thirty minute sessions of HIIT are as effective as 5 sixty minute sessions of moderate activity.  The article states that not only can HIIT  supercharge your weight loss program, it can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart problems, at the same time increasing stamina.  

The article suggests three plans, one for the rookie walker, another for the regular walker and a third for the pro.  For the rookie, it suggests 12 repetitions of alternating 30 second push activity followed by 2 minutes of a recovery walk. For the regular, it involves 15 periods of 1 minute of push followed by 1 minute of recovery. and the pro, 20 periods of 1 minute of push followed by only 30 seconds of recovery.

Finally, the article points out three considerations while walking during the push period: 1. take small steps; 2 focus on stepping first on your heel; and 3. pump your arms as though you were running.

Source:  Weight Watchers Magazine, September/October 2013.

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