Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Mystery/Thriller Novel

If you are a fan of the late great mystery writer, P.D. James, or the late French mystery writer. Georges Simenon or even, John Grisham, have I got a treat for you. My mystery/ thriller, "Dead in the Water," is in pre-production right now. The lead investigator, Lieutenant Morales,  is sort of a combination of James' Adam Dalgliesh and Simenon's Inspector Maigret, with a twist of Lieutenant Columbo thrown in for good measure. Partly set on a cruise ship in the Caribbean and in Miami, including Little Havana, the plot also features a trial attorney with some unusual clients.

As "Dead in the Water" comes closer to publication, I will include an excerpt in this blog. So, keep your eyes on this blog in the next few weeks. I know you will enjoy the book when it becomes available on Amazon and Kindle and in your favorite bookstore.

P.S. An excerpt is now available on this blog.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Swiss Colony in America

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit an Alpine village in Switzerland, but can't afford the trip to Europe? If so, I have the next best place for you to visit: New Glarus, Wisconsin.

New Glarus is a Swiss Colony established in 1845 by immigrants from the Swiss canton of Glarus. The original settlers left Switzerland because of a depression in the hand weaving industry that was the principal occupation of the immigrants.

Located about 40 minutes from Madison, where the University of Wisconsin is located, New Glarus is currently home to about 1700 residents. Most live on large farms in the lush, rolling hills of Wisconsin. It was those hills that apparently reminded the original Swiss immigrants of their own Swiss mountains and caused them to settle there.

There is a small town center where several restaurants and shops feature Swiss food specialties such as cheese fondues and genuine Swiss chocolates. FYI: most so-called Swiss chocolates such as Lindt are actually made in the US. A New Glarus beer is also available in the restaurants.

My wife and I recently stopped in New Glarus on our way back from visiting our daughter and her family in Minnesota. My wife's family was from that same canton in Switzerland, but they opted to stay in Pittsburgh. Certain of her distant relatives did continue on to New Glarus and we were able to find their name on a memorial in front of the town church.

So, if you are interested in Swiss life, make New Glarus a definite stop.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

CBS News: 60 Minutes Examines Mindfulness

 I have written a number of posts about the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of mindfulness. Today's "60 Mintutes" examined those benefits through a segment presented by Anderson Cooper. I highly recommend it for those interested in the way to experience mindfulness.