Saturday, June 15, 2019

Dead in the Water is on SALE

Just in time for summer at the beach (or in your own backyard), I have reduced the e-book price of my best-selling thriller, Dead in the Water, to $.99. (Kindle best seller 3/17). For the price of your daily newspaper, you can read a 250 page legal mystery. You will follow retired LAPD homicide detective, Lieutenant Mario Morales, as he investigates the case of a bride who disappeared on her honeymoon cruise in the Caribbean. What Morales discovers about Chinese drug-smuggling will  knock your socks off! has called Dead in the. Water “A heart-pounding read!”
The esteemed Kirkus Review has said Dead in the Water has “[A]n.exquisite atmosphere.”

If you like Dead in the Water, you’re sure to love A Reservation for Murder, the second book in the Lieutenant Morales mystery series. One reviewer has said of the book, “All reader expectations are met or exceeded.” Kirkus Reviews. It also is priced at only $.99.

Bottom line, you can have a whole summer’s worth of thrilling reading for just $1.98. For $4.99 you can also buy the e-book format of my latest thriller, The China Connection. For those of you who like the feel of a book in your hands the  paperback edition is just $8.49.

Thanks and “Happy Reading!”

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