Friday, October 24, 2014

Traveling is Good for You

As anyone who reads this blog knows by now, my wife and I are frequent travelers.  While we always enjoyed traveling, now that we are retired, we have the time to travel as much as our retirement resources allow us to do.  Recently, we have been traveling a lot.  We just returned from a visit with our daughter and her family in Minnesota.

During our visit, we had a number of wonderful experiences in the Minneapolis area, which we will be writing about.  On the way back  home, we also made stops in New Glarus, Wisconsin and Springfield, Illinois.  

I will be writing about each of these adventures in the very near future. So, stay tuned.  What I wanted to share with you today is the somewhat surprising finding that traveling can be good for you, despite the perceived stresses of flying and driving.  

A study conducted by Expedia in 2013 found that 90% of vacationers experienced less stress after a day or two away from the office or factory.  Many other studies have shown that the failure to take regular vacations can both speed  up the aging process and result in a greater risk of coronary related disease and deaths. "Feeling Stressed? Hit the Road," Minnesota, Money Magazine, October 2014, p. 9.

Now, not everyone can travel or take a vacation as often as we do.  But keep in mind, if you can, give a vacation a try.  It just might save your life.

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  1. In my career, I took one stay-at-home vacation. Worst decision I ever made. All I did was clean the basement, rummage around in the attic, and catch up on all the nasty yard work. What a waste of time! Ever since, I've made a point of putting at least a hundred miles between myself and my house when I go on vacation. And by the way, that still holds true, even though now I'm mostly retired.