Monday, March 25, 2013

Understanding Mindfulness

I have written several times about the beneficial effects of the practice of mindfulness. A recent article in the New York Times contains a useful discussion of mindfulness and how it works.  "In Mindfulness, a Method to Sharpen Focus and Open Minds," March 23, 2013. What is particularly interesting about the article is that it appears in the business section of the newspaper under the heading "Personal Business."  You might be asking yourself, as I did, what does mindfulness have to do with business?

Interestingly, one of the people quoted in the article is Janice Marturano, who, the article explains was the former deputy general counsel and vice president for public responsibility for General Mills.  She was responsible for developing General Mills' Mindful Leadership Forum in 2004.Obviously, if large corporations such as General Mills have such programs, mindfulness is not just some new age, namby pamby way of thinking.  It is a way of thinking clearly about the present. And that is useful for everyone.

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