Saturday, April 18, 2020


I just published on Amazon Kindle my latest novel, A RAINY NIGHT IN GEORGIA,  Although the novel is set in Georgia in the fall of 1969, I like to think of it as my Vietnam war novel.  The novel follows a young attorney who is drafted into the Army.  When a friend of his is charged with murdering a drill sergeant in basic training in Georgia, he reluctantly agrees to serve as counsel for the accused even though he has never tried a single case, let alone a first degree murder case. The investigation, trial preparations and the trial itself are all seen through the eyes of the lawyer. If you enjoy courtroom drama, I am sure you will love A RAINY NIGHT IN GEORGIA.
Comparable books are James Patterson's recent novel."Juror #3" and "A Few Good Men" (Jack Nicholson: "You Can't handle the truth,") Please click on the link if interested in a good quick read. now only the Kindle version is available on Amazon.  Still working on the paperback.

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