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Saturday, April 18, 2020


I just published on Amazon Kindle my latest novel, A RAINY NIGHT IN GEORGIA,  Although the novel is set in Georgia in the fall of 1969, I like to think of it as my Vietnam war novel.  The novel follows a young attorney who is drafted into the Army.  When a friend of his is charged with murdering a drill sergeant in basic training in Georgia, he reluctantly agrees to serve as counsel for the accused even though he has never tried a single case, let alone a first degree murder case. The investigation, trial preparations and the trial itself are all seen through the eyes of the lawyer. If you enjoy courtroom drama, I am sure you will love A RAINY NIGHT IN GEORGIA.
Comparable books are James Patterson's recent novel."Juror #3" and "A Few Good Men" (Jack Nicholson: "You Can't handle the truth,") Please click on the link if interested in a good quick read. now only the Kindle version is available on Amazon.  Still working on the paperback.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

"A Rainy Night in Georgia"

My new suspense novel, "A Rainy Night in Georgia," is starting to take shape.  It is a Vietnam era war novel that takes place largely in Georgia. I think you will enjoy it. It is a departure from my Morales mysteries. I will be posting a copy of the first chapter on my website, Look for it there soon.