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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Amazing Relief for Lower Back Pain

Suffer from lower back pain? Believe me I know all about it. My pain was so bad that I underwent four procedures and surgeries this past winter. Only the last, a lumbar fusion, finally gave me the much hoped for relief. But I still have some residual pain. You can imagine how grateful I was when I read recently that ginger oil massaged  into the lower back can relieve much of the residual pain. Ginger root has long been prized for its anti-inflammatory qualities. Now, studies have shown that its application to the lower back can actually help reduce pain.
Scientists in Pain Research and Treatment suggest rubbing a several drops of ginger oil mixed with jojoba oil on the effected area once or twice a day. The studies show this simple ginger massage can result in a 71% reduction in pain intensity and 66% greater mobility.
Sounds like a winner to me. I know I will give it a try.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Green Beans: The Latest Superfood

For years, my wife has been urging me to eat green beans. She says "they are good for you." My wife  just loves green beans. When we are in the supermarket and she suddenly disappears, I always know where to find her: in the produce aisle, loading the shopping cart with--you guessed it--green beans.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to green beans. I happen to like them from the can and mixed with a little French salad dressing. But raw or barely cooked (or blanched as the cooks like to say) just did not appeal to me. That has all changed now that I have read Dr. Weil's Daily Tip.  He cites three reasons why everyone should eat fresh green beans: it promotes strong bones; protects against heart disease; and it can help prevent colon cancer. In addition, he says that green beans contain anti-inflammatory aspects that produce a stronger immune system.

How do green beans do all that? It turns out they are a good source of Vitamins K,C and A.  In addition, they are also a good source of manganese and fiber.

So if the next time you are in the supermarket, check the green beans aisle.  I may be there loading up my cart with green beans.

For a complete discussion of the topic, please see Dr. Weil's tip, "3 Reasons to Eat Green Beans."